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11935 McDonald Street
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Private, personalized, and proven voice and/or piano lessons with Shannon Moses on the Los Angeles Westside.


Westside Los Angeles Voice and/or Piano Lessons - great rates - all ages and levels and styles


Shannon has the ability and the patience to make a lackluster voice not only come out, but shine like you’ve never heard it before.
— Hanaa El-Warari
There are many different options for private music instruction but Shannon offers an approach that is tailored to the student’s specific goals. She will challenge you to grow as a musician but also encourage you on your way to your musical goals.
— Brad F.
Shannon Moses is a delight to work with... My daughter looks forward to her weekly vocal lesson. Shannon is patient,enthusiastic, kind, and listening to her on the piano is a treat!
— Genie
Shannon is simply amazing. Her positive, friendly manner works well in extracting the best from my children. After only a year my daughter was able to play well and sight read to the point where she could pick up a sheet of music and actually play it cold. Simply amazing.
— Jill Williams
Shannon is a very patient and inspiring music instructor. She draws out each student’s musical interest and bent. My kids feel very comfortable during their lessons and look forward to the next level she will take them to!
— Joan Judy
As someone who has never sang before and starting from ground zero, I couldn’t of asked for a better instructor. Shannon has made me feel very comfortable, she is very patient, and know’s how to explain hard concepts where I can understand it. I am already starting to see results and would recommend her to everyone.
— Lady Kris
Professional, pleasant and experienced. Shannon is great with kids. All three of mine have had different lessons with her.
— David S.
Shannon is a real joy to have as a piano teacher. I quit taking lessons because of a harsh teacher...and now, as an older adult, I value Shannon’s knowledge, patience, and encouragement as a teacher.I am really enjoying my lessons and am seeing great progress!
— Karen Erickson
Shannon works very intuitively and has managed to not only enhance my vocal skills, but pinpoint which songs resonate perfectly with me for my life, singing, and performance.
— Ric