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Private, personalized, and proven voice and/or piano lessons with Shannon Moses on the Los Angeles Westside.




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Lessons are private and individualized towards the student's learning style, interests, outcomes, and goals. While musical excellence and achievement are consistently pursued, lessons are conducted in a safe and supportive environment... and also.... they're fun!  As musical talent develops and matures greater enjoyment, satisfaction, ability, and opportunity results.

Iā€™m a self-taught guitar player of 11 years and wanted to broaden my musical understanding to voice and keyboards. Shannon has been a huge help, using her expertise and experience from her classical training in combination with her extensive experience playing pop and rock live. She is very gifted and very experienced, but most importantly, a great teacher!
— Brad F.


...include various styles and technique... and students receive personalized, practical, and proven vocal coaching and instruction. We offer both regular weekly voice instruction (for students desiring overall musical growth and vocal development) as well as situation-based vocal coaching (audition preparation, recording preparation, vocal technique, problem solving, etc).  Voice students receive downloadable practice aids and accompaniment recordings for practice purposes.  Our voice students have gone on to sing with greater freedom, joy, technique, creativity, longevity, endurance, consistency, confidence, and overall ability. Additionally, many have advanced in their musical careers and pursuits, celebrated successful auditions, and enjoyed singing regularly in recitals, concerts, bands, shows, and churches.  Children and teenage voice students are encouraged to participate in an annual studio recital.


...include various styles and technique and are appropriately designed and tailored for each student based on the student's passions, needs, talent, and direction. Piano study is given to students of most all ages. Whether you're desiring to begin piano study for the first time, pick it up again after several years, or mature and develop your current advanced skills... private study at the Studio will help you meet your goals.  Piano lessons are designed to be relevant, challenging, fun, and practical.  Piano/keyboard students have the opportunity to experience overall musical development and growth on piano as well as specific instruction in desired areas.  Students will play weekly on the Studio baby grand piano, and lessons can be recorded and provided to students as they desire.  Children and teenage students are encouraged to participate in an annual studio recital.

  • Westside L.A. location for over 15 years

  • Annual voice & piano recital for children and teenage students

  • Professional private atmosphere (confidentiality respected)

  • Multi-Student Family Rates

  • Discounted rates for regular weekly lessons

  • Automated billing

  • Private, Personalized, Proven