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Private, personalized, and proven voice and/or piano lessons with Shannon Moses on the Los Angeles Westside.

New (4/18) Studio Plan - Policies & FAQ

Studio Plan - Policies & FAQs


This is the most popular package and is recommended for students (or parents of students) desiring overall musical education, growth, achievement, and maturity on their instrument (voice or piano). This package consists of once-a-week private lessons at the Studio. The consistency and regularity of the lessons help to create a rhythm of instruction that will benefit the student significantly and aid in musical growth. Personal practice outside of lesson times is highly recommended and urged.... so as to maximize lesson time impact and progress.



  • Flat monthly tuition fee regardless of number of lessons in the month – lessons are at a fixed, scheduled time
  • Personalized, private, relevant, challenging, instruction
  • Voice Students receive periodic access to downloadable practice aids
  • Voice and Piano Combination lessons are available
  • Children and youth usually participate in an annual recital (included)
  • Special family discounts available to families with more than one student
  • Fees:  $132/month for once-a-week half-hour lessons or $250/month for once-a-week hour-long lessons




  • Students enrolling in the Studio do so on a month-to-month basis, and will be charged a flat monthly fee for tuition each month (consistent each month, regardless of number of lessons in the month)
  • Payments:
    • Studio Plan payments are automated to be received on the 2nd day of each month.  Recurring payments can be set-up at home or in the Studio with debit/credit at  We can provide assistance in the online procedure either during the trial lesson time or at the end of a weekly lesson.
  • Cancellations and Missed Lessons:
    • If possible, please notify your teacher ahead of time if you must cancel a lesson.
    • No refunds or credits will be given for lessons missed, as the Studio plan is a monthly tuition rather than individual lesson fees.
  • Make-Up Lessons:
    • If a make-up lesson (for a canceled lesson) is desired, please let your teacher know as soon as possible as space for make-up lessons is limited.  Make-up lessons will be done at no additional charge.
    • Make up lesson availability is dependent upon the Studio calendar and availability and may not be feasible.
    • Make-up lessons may not be accumulated.  If more than one lesson in a month is missed or canceled, only one make-up lesson will be given.  
    • Make up lessons will not carry over beyond the month (unless special circumstance is discussed with your teacher ahead of time).  
    • Make-up lessons will not be scheduled or given unless account is paid in full.
    • There will be no make-ups given for a missed lesson with no cancellation (no show).
  • There will be no lessons the weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas, the first week of the New Year, and one week in the summer (TBA).  There will be no lessons on Memorial Day.  Make-up lessons will not be given for these weeks, and the monthly fee remains the same.  


  • Books and materials are to be purchased (or reimbursed) by the student.



I’m going to be out of town for a few weeks next month.  How much will I owe you that month? The fees for the Studio Plan are consistent each month… regardless of the number of lessons in the month.  Therefore you’re lesson fee won’t change.

How does the automated payment system work? I use a very secure, encrypted online payment site.  You simply enter your debit or credit card info, and your monthly payment will take place on the 2nd day of each month. There is no additional fee for you.  Your personal credit card number and information aren’t seen by me, and you may cancel easily at any time with no cancellation fee.

I’m running a little late today… That’s fine.   It won’t mean, though, that we’ll go longer than scheduled.

I’m going to be away for three weeks next month.  What should I do? If you desire to keep your allotted time, then continue to pay your monthly fee as you usually would.  A make-up lesson will be available as the schedule allows.

I didn’t practice this week… should I still come to my lesson? Yes.

When I arrive to the Studio early, what should I do? Please wait outside the Studio before your lesson time begins so as not to disturb the lesson in progress before you.  At your appropriate lesson time, please simply come into the Studio.   If a lesson is finishing up, wait outside until the previous student leaves to come in.

Why is the Studio Plan a monthly-based plan?  Why not just charge students for individual lessons? The Studio Plan is monthly-based because the consistency and regularity of the lessons help to create a 'rhythm' of instruction that will benefit the student significantly and aid in musical growth.  The regularity of the Studio Plan allows us to charge lower fees as well—encouraging consistency and regularity.  This plan isn’t for everyone.  Students desiring more situation-based coaching or audition-prep may rather choose the ‘Coaching Plan’.  Lessons on the ‘Coaching Plan’ are charged individually per half-hour.  The current rate is $80/hour.